A Gift just for you – FREE Advanced Subconscious Healing Session

Check out this FREE advanced subconscious healing audio. This powerful healing incorporates guided Neuro-Coaching and hypnosis techniques with deep inner child healing and subconscious reprogramming. The inner child in us represents our energy and our emotional needs. It also includes powerful subliminal recordings to further deepen the healing experience. Therefore to get the maximum benefit from this I recommend that you listen to it through headphones.

This content is from my signature course “Emotional Mastery for Success” using Success Recording ™.


This audio involves deep level subconscious work. It involves being guided into a deeply relaxed state of mind and healing a childhood part of you. If you are not comfortable with reconnecting with your inner child – please do not take part in this healing. If you have epilepsy or a psychotic illness you should also not go through with this session. Do not listen to this audio when driving or operating heavy machinery. If you continue with this audio you are accepting full responsibility for your wellbeing and you agree that I, Nicola Gimson hold no liability to your outcome.

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