9D Breathwork – Healing and Empowerment “Letting go” Journey

This experience harness the traditional power of breathwork to tap into the subconscious mind & release stuck emotions & troubling things in your life that are holding you back – whether you’re aware of them or not.

9D Breathwork then goes layers deeper by leveraging the combined power of hypnotic suggestion, somatic healing & empowerment techniques, subliminal messaging, coaching & a wide range of healing tones & frequencies that support deeper healing, empowerment & wellbeing

To get the 9D effects please listen to it using headphones


This audio involves deep level subconscious work using active breathwork.

If you suffer or have suffered from any serious health issues or the ones listed below in the past 5 years, please consult your doctor before participating in an active breathwork journey.

• People who have: a history of Cardiovascular Disease, including Angina or Heart Attack, High Blood Pressure or High heart rate, Glaucoma, Retinal Detachment, Osteoporosis, a history of severe Mental Illness, Bipolar Disorder , BPD or Psychosis, Seizure Disorders, significant recent physical injuries, and/or surgery, anyone with a personal or family history of Aneurysms, persons using major medications, or persons who are under the influence of legal or illegal drugs to the extent that their capacity is impaired.

The above list is not exhaustive, therefore please contact Nicola Gimson if you have any unusual health condition that does not appear in the above list before participating

Do not listen to this audio when driving or operating heavy machinery.

If you continue with this audio you are accepting full responsibility for your wellbeing and you agree that I, Nicola Gimson hold no liability to your outcome.

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