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Are fears holding you back?

Want to give up? Fear is one of the biggest things that stop us from moving forward, achieving success and finding our happiness. The thing is the majority of our fears are not real - they are manifested by your thoughts - [...]

Why multi-tasking is bad for business.

Multitasking is the art of screwing up several things at once  Do you feel like there isn’t enough time to complete the tasks you do? And do you multitask in the belief you will complete more in a shorter space of [...]

Is the desire to be perfect holding you back?

Self-acceptance is defined as “an individual’s acceptance of all of his/her attributes, positive or negative.” It includes body acceptance, self-protection from negative criticism, and believing in one’s capacities. Ultimately we will not ever be perfect, it’s not possible as human beings. We [...]

How to be more confident

How can you cheat your way to a more positive, happier you? Neuroscientists say there is a way you can cheat your way to feeling more confident. Watch the video In my profile to explain the concept of neuroplasticity but basically through [...]

Even the experts were once beginners

This is such a powerful statement that we should remind ourselves often. Whenever we feel like we are not good enough or we lack maybe the skills or knowledge to get to where we ‘wished’ we were at - the answer is [...]

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